Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If you like furniture and art, you're going to love this

ADVISORY: This is a shameless plug for my friend's store.

My friend Stephen lives in the Mission and is vegetarian and edits Hacked IRL. Recently he decided to open a store dedicated to Mid-Century furniture and art, because that's his thing. It's called Dusty Modern and it's on 20th, near South Van Ness. It's like a block away from Shotwell's, if you're like me and relate everything to what bar it's closest to.

See? It's full of furniture and art. And Stephen, too, if you look very carefully at the back.

You should totally go by. Right now, he's open Fri-Sun, 12-6. When I went by, I got 2 beers. I can't guarantee you'll get 2 beers just for showing up, but I can guarantee that if you want to talk about Mid-Century furniture or Clyfford Still or Spoon, Stephen will most likely be happy to oblige you.

Thus ends the shameless plug for my friend's store.

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Simone... said...

I love Hacked IRL, and I love MCM! Maybe I'll stop by next time I'm in the neighborhood.