Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank you for the lovely party. I had a wonderful time.


The Wife and I kicked off Vaguely Christmastime Date Night at Epic Roasthouse and oh my, me without my Platinum Card! It was full of swells. I was just about the only guy not wearing a suit. Whatever. Everything we got was really good. I didn't take any camera phone pictures of the food because I'm not one of those people, so here:

Imagine 8 delicious ounces subtracted from this, then expertly seasoned and grilled to medium rare perfection. That shit was excellent. What else? We got some ahi tuna, also very good, some scalloped potatoes (OK, not as good as Craft or even my Dad's; I shit you not, my Dad makes scalloped potatoes you would fucking kill for), some kind of brussels sprouts (they were OK b/c you couldn't taste the brussels sprouts), green beans amandine (DFL; is it almondine or amandine? I swear it said amandine on the menu), and a bottle of 2006 Loring pinot noir which we both loved a ton.

I'm not gonna lie to you, it was expensive, but for a once-a-year splurge, you could do a lot worse. Plus, what recession? They were doing land office business.

Then it was off to the SF Appeal Christmas Party. Oh, whoops, Holiday Party, in case you hate Christmas like all of us in SF do. Recognized Spotswood and Brock at the door because I've seen them on my Internet Box before. Got some free drinks and hung out. It was packed. Talked to Beth most of the time, who couldn't have been nicer. Then I said to Brock, "Hey, I love your site." I am a fucking idiot.

Then they ran out of booze and if I don't have booze I'm like Santa without cocaine so we had to go. SEE YOU GUYS NEXT YEAR!! KIT!!!

(I hear Chris Daly showed up after we left and brought more drizinks, but just as well. I would have said something wrong and gotten him mad at me and the last thing I need is Chris Daly angry at me.)

(Seriously, though, big thanks to the Appeal for a sweet-ass party. Will do business again.)


Brock said...

Are you kidding? I was the one acting like a gushing fan. Glad I had the chance to finally meet you!

Rocco said...

well, now i know what to leave santa instead of cookies and milk this year.