Sunday, December 6, 2009

Also, repeated listenings of "Fairtytale of New York" were involved

OK, so the tree is up and decorated. It all went down last night. It involved 4 people, 2 dogs, 8 bottles of wine, a bottle of prosecco, most of a 6-pack, some Jameson, some bruschetta, chorizo and goat cheese in phyllo, ground lamb toastettes, the "Glee" soundtrack, "Don't Stop Believin'" at top volume, several trips to the store, some heart-to-heart conversations, that kind of thing.

I found a piece of paper this morning with this written on it:

"Everybody's getting sick right now."

"That's what happens when you fuck a girl from Brazil."

Honestly? I have no idea.


Rocco said...

i think there some push-ups involved, too?

generic said...

Don't leave us hanging!

WHAT happens when you fuck a girl from Brazil.

And if you say "HIV" I will not laugh because that is inappropriate humor which I do not laugh at, sir. Nope.

TK said...

@Rocco -
Push-ups! I remember that now.

@generic -
I wish I knew. I wish.

Anonymous said...

GAAAAAH. You are the top Google hit for WHWYFAGFB.

And what's sad is you are the ONLY Google hit for that profound question.

This is the start a of meme, mark my words.

TK said...

@burritojustice -

I shudder to think of my referrer logs in the next few weeks.