Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

OK. OK everyone. OK, can you please find a seat? OK. Let's get started.

What did we do Friday? Oh, that's right, The Wife and I went to dinner at Velvet Cantina and then saw an early show at the Makeout Room. A couple things about this:

1. The worst part about eating at the Velvet Cantina is having to say "Velvet Cantina." Seriously, what a terrible name for a restaurant. Or anything, really. Food was pretty good, though, and we went early enough that we avoided the crowds of SHRIEKING girls that seem to populate the place later in the evening.

2. I love early shows. Because I'm old. I wish more places did them. Anyway, Jeffrey Luck Lucas was really good, but his quiet, introspective songs might not have been the best match for Friday night at 8. The Music Lovers were great. I'd write more but I don't have time to do a whole review thing right now.

Saturday I did some recording and then drank beers at Bar with Olu.

Sunday is, of course, Mad Men day. In addition to just generally being great guests, I have to thank Stephen and Jessica for turning us on to G.I. Joe PSAs. HOLY SHIT THIS CRAP IS FUNNY.

P.S. I don't want to talk about the Giants. If you bring them up, I'll leave the room. Really.

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