Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Breithla Shona Dhuit!

29 years ago today, The Wife was born in a small, one-room cottage in Ireland, lit by a smoldering peat fire.

Or maybe she was born in a hospital; I'm not clear on this part.

Anyway, she was born an orphan and eked out a hardscrabble existence on the dirty, dangerous streets of Limerick, accompanied only by her dog, Brigadoon.

She was determined to make a better life for herself, and just like Leo DeCaprio in Titanic, she resolved to go to America to become a professional gambler in Las Vegas, or something. I don't really remember the plot. As far as I know, she never posed naked in a used car on the way.

She quickly found work in a garment factory on the Lower East Side. Or something like that. And then blah blah blah all kinds of other stuff happened and she made her way to the Greater Bay Area and that's where I came across her.

I was instantly charmed by her plucky, can-do spirit and radiant good looks. So I dumped that other chick like a bad habit and hooked up with her pronto. The rest is the story of our love, which will be written in the stars, etc.

ANYWAY, join me in wishing The Wife a happy birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THE WIFE!!!

P.S. Title of the post is "Happy Birthday" in Gaelic, at least according to a refrigerator magnet, which is where I usually turn for my translating needs.


Rocco said...

do you really think she's 29?

TK said...

She's not?!?! IRISH ARE LIARS.

periqueblend said...

yes Rocco, and she's been 29 for years, and will continue to be 29 for as long as she wants.