Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brief thoughts on the first episode of Top Chef Vegas

- So, so glad the girl with the stretched-out earlobes is gone. I was praying for her to get kicked off. There's just no way I could look at that shit all season.

Incidentally, what happens when you decide you don't want stretched-out earlobes any more? Do you take the things out and then just have long earlobes that dangle down to your shoulders and have huge holes in them? Or do you automatically have to go to a plastic surgeon and have that shit cleaned up?

- Jen is kinda cute, used to be the sous chef at Le Bernardin, and likes to drink. CALL ME.

- So the sexist guy is going to be the asshole of this season, right?

- Where's Wolfgang Puck been all this time? He was a great guest judge.

- Kevin, who won the elimination challenge, looks like he should be in My Morning Jacket.

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