Monday, May 19, 2008

What I did instead of Bay to Breakers

Twice a year (usually), a bunch of us get together and trade mix CDs. You end up with 10 or 11 new mixes. Plus, there's the beer aspect that can't be discounted. We did it yesterday at Lucky 13.

It was fun. And now I have hours of new music to listen to on the plane tomorrow.

After that, I went to a cookout at Peter's house.

Peter got a firepit. When I got home, I smelled like a forest fire.

I'm going to Ireland tomorrow. I'm pretty sure they have the Internet there, but I'm not sure how often I'll have access. So if you notice a precipitous decline in the posting frequency between now and the end of the month, you'll know why.

UPDATE: For those of you scoring at home, this was my mix:

VHS or Beta -- Can't Believe a Single Word
Rival Schools -- Good Things
Scissors for Lefty -- Marsha
Your 33 Black Angels -- Town & Country
Oxford Collapse -- Lady Lawyers
Okkervil River -- Westfall
The New Pornographers -- The Body Says No
The Morning Benders -- Damnit Anna
Irving -- Sleepy Inside
Delorentos -- Stop
The Redwalls -- Summer Romance

OK, gang. Be good while I'm gone. I'm going to ask Mrs. Murphy from next door to look in on you every once in a while, so no funny business! Call me every day! NO PARTIES.


Allan said...

keep us posted about the best of the bunch regarding those mixes

Crazy Eddy said...

Awesome mix! That Your 33 Black Angels album "Lonely Street" is great and Rival Schools made one of my favorite albums in my collection!