Monday, May 12, 2008

Today's Top 5

1. Tim Lincecum

The finest 14-year-old to ever play for the Giants, Lincecum's already having a monster year and it's only May. He's 5-1 with a 1.61 ERA so far, and it's an absolute pleasure to watch him pitch.

2. Locked Up Abroad

Horrifying. If you really want to get your nerves tweaked, find the National Geographic Channel somewhere on your cable and check this shit out.

The title is pretty self-explanatory, but here's what basically happens in every episode: A couple of kids (usually British, for some reason) are on some extended vacation and are low on money and don't know what to do. They meet someone who offers to give them thousands and thousands of pounds or Euros or whatever to take a few ounces of marijuana from some place to another. Now, instead of going "Wait, something doesn't seem right about this," they agree to do it and then when they pick up the stuff it's actually 50 pounds of cocaine and then it's too late to back out.

The harrowing part is that you know they get caught (or else the title would be "Successfully Smuggling Drugs Abroad," right?) but the show is so well-done that you can feel the tension and the nervousness as the re-enactment shows them going through security, etc., etc.

Then there's about 10 minutes at the end where they talk about how shitty it is to be in prison in Mexico or wherever, but that's actually the least interesting part. Check it out.

3. I know this is lame, but can this be right? It's going to be 81 fucking degrees in SF on Thursday? Hey, check out Wednesday. 77! I'm going to the game that night, so maybe it won't feel like we're at Ice Station Zebra.

4. Mad Dog in the Fog

We've been coming here after band practice on Saturday nights lately. I like it because it's never that crowded, they pour a really good Guinness, and the bartender who works Saturday nights is totally cool and fun and put the Marked Men on just because we were talking about them.

5. The Babyshambles

It's a shame that Pete Doherty is far better known for doing more drugs than Motley Crue and banging Kate Moss than his music, because his band is really good. I was a huge Libertines fan, but I figured that Doherty was never going to do anything good again after that. Babyshambles isn't on the same level - not much is - but still worth a listen.

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Rocco said...

why don't you call a sister when you're in the hood? just b/c i'm sobes doesn't mean i'm locked in the house. hmph. i think this is the kind of thing dad was referring to (to which dad was referring) when he said you should talk to me.