Sunday, May 4, 2008

We're swells

Friday night was Super Hot Irish Girlfriend's company's 20th anniversary party. I didn't know that companies even had anniversary parties, but this one was huge. They rented out City Hall and there was a ton of food and open bars all over the place and tables set up for blackjack and craps and stuff like that (but not with real money, of course).

Anyway, I wore a tux and S.H.I.G. looked great. We were all very grown up and sophisticated and shit. Seriously, we looked like we were in one of the "Swells" columns that used to run in the Chron.

So the party went to around midnight, and then a bunch of us went to Sugar in Hayes Valley and had some more drinks, for some reason. Jesus. Anyway, after that, we went home, thank God.

Oh, yesterday we went to brunch at Boogaloos. You know how to avoid waiting an hour for a table there? Go to brunch at 2:30. Seriously, we didn't even get out of bed Saturday until like 1:45.

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periqueblend said...

isn't that when everyone goes to brunch?