Thursday, May 8, 2008

I don't take pennies

Coupla things.

- Today, a woman holding a piece of cardboard she had folded into some kind of tent-like object over her head came up to me and said "Can you give me a dime? I have 10 pennies."

I said, "I don't have any change," which was true. I didn't have any change.

She said, "You don't take pennies? You fool." Then she walked off.

No, I don't take pennies.

- My band finally finished our new round of demo recordings, and I think we're going to submit for the Mission Creek Music Festival. We won't get picked, though, but if you or anyone you know is affiliated in any way with Mission Creek, let me say you look great today.

- Giants got swept by the fucking Pirates. Just when they were showing some signs of life. Great.

- Did you hear about the guy who jumped off the H&M building near Union Square today? Insert your own fashion joke here.

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