Wednesday, July 2, 2014

R.I.P. Dog

Leland was a cream-colored chihuahua-terrier mix.  That's what it said on his Rocket Dog Rescue info sheet, anyway.  I guess he could just be "white" but "cream" sounds nicer, doesn't it?  Rocket Dog got him from a shelter in Los Banos and then gave him to us.  The first time he came to our house for an audition he promptly pooped in the hallway, twice.  I think he was just nervous.  We still took him.

Leland loved the beach a lot.  He also loved Bernal Hill and Stern Grove and McLaren Park and a good sunny spot.

He would throw back his head and howl along with you if you got close to him and went "WOOOOOOO."  He also flipped the fuck out if anyone rang the doorbell.  The first time the doorbell rings and I don't hear maniacal barking is going to be tough.

Leland slept in bed, under the covers, on his back or on his side, pressed up against The Wife like a hot water bottle.  He would chase toys and bring them back to you, but only inside.  Chasing toys is a private activity.

Leland got lymphoma and we have to put him to sleep today.  He's been a part of our life for so long it's hard to imagine it without him.  No more dog-shaped indentations in the pillows on the bed.  No more dog hovering by the baby's high chair, waiting for her to drop food to him.  No more lying in the sun.  No more trips to the beach.

We love you, little guy.  Thanks for always being there for us.  Thanks for being such a good dog.


GG said...

That made me tear up. I'm so sorry. I love the probably-made-up story where the kid explains his theory about why dogs live such short lives: "People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life -- like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right? Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don't have to stay as long."

He is adorable and I'm sure he is grateful to have had such a wonderful life with you guys.

TK said...

Thanks, GG. I know you lost a dog not long ago, too, so I'm sorry for your loss as well. I'm sure it gets better as time goes on.


Rachel said...

Aw TK. Sorry to hear about Leland. He sounds like he had a great life with you guys. Take care.

Leslie K said...

JESUS CHRIST This has been a rough couple of weeks.

The Sonia Show said...

Aww. I am so sorry. It sounds like he was a good little guy, and you gave him a happy home.

Civic Center said...

Perfect obituary. I don't even like "kittie" dogs and I'm blubbering away while typing this.

Good luck coming back from your intense brush with the land of death. Something I learned during the early AIDS plague was that all those myths about loved ones dragging the beloved other into the underworld (Orpheus and Eurydice, for instance) were based on some kind of supernatural reality. Take care of yourselves.

TK said...

Rachel - Thanks. Yeah, I think we did OK by him.

Leslie - Man, no shit. Enough already.

Sonia - Thank you. Yeah, he was the best.

Michael - Thanks for your thoughts.

ourswimmer said...

I could only imagine how you must have felt about your dad, not having had that particular adult experience yet myself. But I think I have a better idea about how losing your dog feels and I am very, very sad for you. I hope your next few months get better.

babydragon said...

Oh! Lord have mercy...........Jeebus, you poor fellow. I know that you and your sweet family have been going through some unbearably tough times, just awful actually. But, based on all that we have read and learned and laughed with about/with you, I *do* know that you will have sweet times coming to you. In spades. Take good care and kiss the ones you love. :)

Alissa said...

Aaw, what a nice eulogy for little Leland. I remember one of the first times we met you lovingly showed me about a dozen pictures of him, over wife's objections. You guys were as good to him as he was to you :)

Tamagosan said...

Forgive the very belated condolences; I was off the grid for a while. I am so sorry... I would probably disconnect my doorbell, but I am plainly ill-equipped to deal with grief since I am convinced Iggie is simply immortal... May Lil Leland frolic on in that great big Dog Run Built of Treats in the sky.

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