Thursday, July 10, 2014

OK, time to pick a Premier League team

Hello! Ugly American over here.  Every 4 years I watch World Cup matches and announce to (1) my now-jaded Wife, and (2) no one in particular "OK! THIS is the year I'm finally getting into soccer."  So this is it.  I'm finally getting into soccer.

Now, I could get into MS or MSA or whatever the American soccer league is called but that's both boring and not nearly pretentious enough.  No, the only answer for Coastal Elites such as myself is to get into the English Premier League, which accomplishes the twin goals of being inaccessible and foreign.  It's kind of like being a fan of New Zealand new wave or Icelandic food.

SO THAT BEING SAID now I need to pick a team.  I was vaguely following Chelsea the last time I had this impulse, because I wanted my team to always sort of be in the running, and Chelsea always seem to do OK.  I gather that they're universally loathed by supporters* of other teams and they have an owner everyone hates so I guess they're the Cowboys of soccer.  That's a strike against them.  But I like the color blue, so that's a for. Plus, look at this adorable baby soccer hoodlum hooligan tracksuit I could get for Beyonce!

[* You call soccer fans "supporters," not "fans." Also, you don't call it "soccer," you call it "football."  Also, they sell liquor in vending machines.]

Then  there's Manchester United.  They win all the time!  They won in 2013, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007, and on and on and on.  That's boring.

Arsenal would be a good choice because I happen to know they have a violently active local fan base that gets up at 3 a.m. or something to watch matches at a bar in North Beach.  Morning drinking is always welcome but I just can't even with that.

What about Everton!  Everton is appealing because of the presence of Tim Howard, the amazing American goalkeeper who almost singlehandedly beat Belarus or Belgium or whoever.

But Everton never wins anything.  That would be no fun, to follow a team all season (or whatever they call a season) knowing you're not going to win.  (They won the FA Cup in 1995 but that's a long time ago. Also who cares.)

The Wife likes Tottenham Hotspur mostly because she likes to say "Tottenham Hotspur." She grew up in Ireland, so she was more into rugby and hurling, which I've still never figured out but involves a ball and some sticks and is apparently extremely dangerous.

Liverpool would be nice because the Beatles are from Liverpool.

There's a bunch of others but I'm already tired of this.  I'm sticking with Chelsea.  It's like being stuck in a dead-end job at a gas station: I'm not particularly in love with it, but I already have the jacket.


Tamagosan said...

Although hardly a supporter* Arsenal and Newcastle seem to have the most French players, so those would be my front-runners.

*supporteur in French, which should be supporteuse to use the feminine for me, but one doubts that French and football would allow for that girly word...

TK said...

That's as good as, or better, than any reason I have.

Unknown said...

Also, "hoodlum" is an American term, from German. I think you meant "hooligan".

TK said...


Unknown said...

Your wife has great taste in soccer teams. Stick with Tottenham.

Cheering for Arsenal will make you 1) a douchebag (because all Gooners are douchebags) and 2) cause marital strife. Not worth it.

Repeat after me: Come on you, Spurs!!!

subframe said...

EPL? The cool kids are all into the Bundesliga now.

Unknown said...

One more reason to support Arsenal, the local supporters group, the Bay Area Gooners, is run by one of your old MuFo acquaintances.

And there's not likely to be any marital strife, because Tottenham haven't been proper rivals of Arsenal for some 50 years now.

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