Wednesday, July 24, 2013


By now, we've all played GeoGuessr, the insanely fun game that uses Google Street View to plop you down at some random place on the globe and then challenges you to figure out where you are.  Hey, look, the billboards are in Portuguese, but it looks like crushing poverty, so must be Brazil!  That hotel sign looks like German so it must be.....Germany.  That kind of thing.

Well, that's fun and all, but it lacked one component that I find essential: ALCOHOL.  And thus BarGuessr was born.  The idea is simple: below you will find Google Street View shots of 6 bars in the world (OK, in the US or Europe).  You simply figure out where they are.  You can't go in and click around like in GeoGuessr, so it's harder, but the highly well-traveled and well-lubricated readership of this blog should have no problem.  Plus I'll give you clues.  One other thing: I have been to every single bar pictured below.

[1] First up we have bar that's actually in a hotel, so here's the front of the hotel. I saw Uma Thurman here once.

[2] The mural here apparently changes,because it was a whale when we were there. I like how the Google Street View face-obscuring algorithm nailed the chick painted in the mural.

[3] This place has a nice beer selection and also the gimmick that they let you send a free postcard anywhere in the country. Or at least they used to.

[4] This depressing little dive sometimes features live music and always features lonely alcoholics.

[5] This one is basically impossible.  It's not in the US, and yes, that is a real castle in the background.

[6] WHEW, back to our country.  This is the easiest one; the goddam name is on the awning.  The more game among you will try to figure it out without immediately resorting to Google.

[7] Finally, this is an iconic rock club.  Note the tour bus outside.

That's it!  Good luck.  Leave answers in the comments.  Winner gets something, I don't know what.  I'll title a blog post after you and write about the topic of your choice.  If you were inside any of these bars with me, you are not eligible to win.  Take it up with God; life is unfair.


Stephen said...

Too hard. Two is Violet Hour, Chicago. I know that because I've been there. Seven is 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA. I know that because I've seen pictures.

Since I've never been to or seen pictures of the others, I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

Number 1 doesn't look like Dan Tana's, so it has to be the Standard in Hollywood, right? Celebrities go to only those two places. Wait, have we been there together? Shit.

4 looks like it could be in Clovis, NM, except in Clovis the doors would be closed and the cars would have all been used to drive people to somewhere that's not Clovis.

TK said...

Close, pcs! #1 is the Mondrian in West Hollywood, which houses Skybar, where I saw (and almost bumped into) Uma.

#2 is the Violet Hour, as Stephen correctly guessed.

#3 is the Broome Street Bar in NYC.

#4 is the Jury Room in Santa Cruz.

#5 is the Curragower in Limerick, Ireland

#6 is the Post Pub in DC.

And yes, #7 is the 40 Watt in Athens GA.

THANKS FOR PLAYING. This went over about as well as that "Pick Your Fave Derrida Quote" post I did. Sheesh, lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, would welcome a weekly TK-themed drinking quiz.