Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I don't understand this Venn diagram at all

This is an ad I saw yesterday at a bus shelter for something called a Speck. Speck apparently makes iPhone cases. How this ad will persuade you to buy an iPhone case is beyond me, but I never majored in advertising in college.

So we have three groups of people represented here: (1) People who think "hipsters" (ugh) "rule the Mission" (ugh); (2) People who do not think hipsters rule the Mission; and (3) People who are just looking for the best taqueria. The overlapping areas between (1) and (2), (2) and (3), and (1) and (3) are not labelled. I guess the overlap between People who think hipsters rule the Mission and People who don't is "People who are aware of the existence of the Mission" or "People who believe there is an identifiable subgroup called 'hipsters' and that term still has some kind of meaning". People who are just looking for the best taqueria, I don't know where you fit in. If you don't think hipsters rule the Mission and are just looking for the best taqueria, you're probably just a Normal Person or a Norteno or something.

Somehow, what all 3 groups have in common is that, apparently, they want or need or have a Speck thing. I'm not sure about this; the ad isn't really clear. Do you want a Speck now? I don't. Ad fail.


GG said...

I'd also like to know more about the third-circle group who wants a burrito and neither believes that (1) hipsters do rule the Mission nor (2) hipsters do not rule the Mission. Perhaps they view the Mission as an oligarchy where the hipsters rule, but in concert with others (which would still put them in the #1 camp, but with qualifications, but who wants to nitpick about logic)?

Anonymous said...

Since 1 and 2 are defined by their mutual exclusivity, their overlap must be "People who have thoughts on the Mission and also dissociative identity disorder." Speck probably a new drug from GlaxoSmithKline.

generic said...

I used to hate the corner of McAllister & Polk because all my City Hall enemies waited there to catch the 5 out to the avenues.

But lately this ad has given me a whole new reason.

Patrick Calahan said...

Last year, I bought a Speck case for my wife's iPhone.

Now I hate myself.