Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Honest apartment ad is honest

$1395 / 1br - ♛ Cheapest One Bedroom in The City!! - Deep Tenderloin Location ♛ (tenderloin)

Not just any Tenderloin - DEEP Tenderloin. And they ain't kidding. It's on Leavenworth, between Eddy and Turk. Now, a landlord could say something like "Close to downtown!" or "In the heart of the hip Tenderloin!" but this guy is refreshingly honest:

"245 Leavenworth is located deep in the Tenderloin neighborhood between Eddy and Turk. The block is not for the faint of heart and maybe not appropriate for many types of tenants. If you do not know the area please investigate preferably by visiting 1st hand prior to making an appointment to view."

But wait! It gets worse! According to our pals at SFist:

City Attorney and mayoral candidate Dennis Herrera filed suit last week in Superior Court against landlord John Wai, owner of a 48-unit apartment complex at 245 Leavenworth. According to the public nuisance suit, Wai has allowed the place to become not only a festering cesspool of vermin and bedbugs, but it's also essentially being overrun by members of the Cambodian Crips, who also go by the local names Thug Lords, "TL," and, tellingly, "245."
Huh. I kinda like the video walkthrough:

Anyway, all this can be yours for $1,395 a month. NO PETS.


Skance said...

Dude, it's 'shelvvvvvvvvvving' , not 'shelfing'.

Tamagosan said...

What Skance said. And "full-size sink"? I have a new appreciation for my own sink...

Chadster said...

The guy did video walkthroughs of a lot of these units. They are hilarious. This one has the gem "Steam heat included in the rent!" *pan to the minuscule 19th century heater in the far corner*
Umm, gee thanks.