Friday, September 17, 2010

This concerns food trucks, so it might be the most SF thing you read all day

All due respect to Ramona Emerson, there is nothing San Franciscans like more than (1) food trucks, and (2) blogging about food trucks. So if you're a San Franciscan, prepare to have your mind blown.

I've been stalking the Seoul on Wheels Korean BBQ truck for a while now. One time we heard that it was going to be parked down by the Ballyard, so Olu and I trucked down there but it was nowhere to be seen. Now it Twitters its location everyday so there's no tragedy like that.

Lo and behold, come to find out that a bunch of food trucks will be gathering in Civic Center Plaza, very close to my Work Station, every Friday as part of something called Off the Grid. And my long-sought target, S.O.W., would be one of the participants this week.

L-R: Crack Cocaine, Liquid Heroin, Pork Buns

Hied myself down there w/ 2 coworkers and loaded up a combo rice plate (N.B.: This is not on the menu, but I found them very accommodating when I asked for a combo and also for some kimchee on the side). Left them waiting in the pork bun line because it's kind of raining and I didn't want to eat it cold. Voila:

THE VERDICT: Very good! I liked the spicy pork somewhat more than the bulgogi, which means "beef." The kimchee was nice and crunchy and spicy but not incinerate-your-mouth spicy, which I am most definitely not down with.

Fuck you.

Could have done without the broccoli. Broccoli is an instrument of the Devil and is way worse than masturbation or the New York Yankees, no matter what anyone tells you.

Coworker who I had abandoned to drown in the drenching rainfall / slight drizzle was surprisingly forgiving, and in fact gave me a segment of her chicken tikka masala burrito from Curry Up Now, and is there some requirement that food trucks have cutesy pun names? Guess so. Anyway, it's exactly what it sounds like: C.T.M. wrapped up, burrito-style, in thin Naan and is delicious but a little spicier than expected. Good, though.

Going back for pork belly buns in like a half hour.

OK, here are my Proposed New Food Truck Concepts:

Jerk Me Off (Carribean chicken & rice)
Let's Get Bulgur! (Tasteless vegetarian cuisine)
Domo Ari-Scot-o (Japanese/Scottish fusion)
Mesquite on Your Face (BBQ)


Anonymous said...

Lettuce Pray (salad)

I've also long have a bakery called C-Cups and sell cupcakes that look like boobs

Skance said...

Puttin' on the Schnitz (German)

Laura said...

Soul on wheels ran out of rice (Rice!) while I stood in line. All was fine as I moved over to get myself a Paneer Burrito, in a la palma tortilla. Tasty morsels abound! So this is what living in a real city is like! only took a decade of SF liven to get here...see ya in line next Friday.

Anonymous said...

I think you're on to something with the Domo Ari-Scot-o. The Scots will batter and deep fry anything not moving, and there's tempura.

I'm thinking some sort of deep-fried sushi, with haggis and natto on the side.

Dan said...

Phuket! – I'm Starving (Thai)