Friday, September 18, 2009

TK's Hot Weather Refreshers

It's already above 75 degrees in San Francisco today, and in SF, that's a heat wave. People wear tiny clothes and by people I mean "girls." So that's good. Your friends say things like "Hot enough for ya?" because they think it's funny. People in the rest of the country don't realize that SF is closer in climate to Vladivostok than Ventura, and most days here it's about 47 degrees with 70 mph winds. So anything above 68 makes us get freaky.

In the interest of combining two of my favorite things, warm weather and alcohol, here are a few suggested hot weather drinks you might like:

Redneck sangria

1 bottle of cheap temperanillo or temp-grenache blend. CHEAP.
1 can of 7-Up. Don't use Sprite. Use 7-Up.

Pour wine into pitcher. Pour 7-Up into pitcher. Mix.

If you have a recording of Marty Robbins playing "El Paso," put it on.

Awkward Silence


Put 4 or 5 ice cubes in rocks glass. Fill halfway with vodka. Fill to top with Fresca. Refreshing!

Invented by my associate Stephen. Before he invented it a couple of years ago, no one in the history of the world had ever combined Fresca and vodka.

Incidentally, Fresca is good shit and I was happy to see it on the shelves when I moved here after living for years in a Fresca-free zone.

This Pineapple thing I stole from Farina

Farina's OK. The food's pretty good but it's wicked overpriced. However, I had this cocktail there and I was like all OMG BEST COCKTAIL EVAR DO WANT. My enthusiasm has cooled slightly, but it's still good.

Hangar One kaffir lime vodka
Pineapple juice
Punt e Mes

Pour a healthy dollop of vodka over some ice. Fill with pineapple juice. I like the little cans of Dole pineapple juice that feel like they're made out of steel. Seriously, you could probably build a house out of those. Then just a little shake of Punt e Mes over the top. Stir. Punt e mes is an Italian vermouth. I've been working on one bottle of it for like a year, since I only use it in this drink.

The Wife says I should try using Smirnoff Lime vodka ($10.99/bottle) instead of Hangar One kaffir lime vodka ($35/bottle) but there's no way that would work.

Cold can of Pabst Blue Ribbon

Cold can of Pabst Blue Ribbon
Humorous coozy

Open can of PBR. Slide into humorous coozy. I used to have one that said "World's Greatest Grandpa" on the side but I lost it.

Happy Friday, everyone! Stay cool! Hydrate! Hydrate! OK! OK!

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periqueblend said...

here's another one.
Get the best cheap silver tequila or your choice, and mix with ginger ale over rocks. it's wonderful and light, and slowly but surely gets the job done.