Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things that have pleased and displeased me recently


- Continental Airlines is my new airline.

Believe it or not, I am here to actually praise an airline. I was an American Airlines man for years and years, but I'm so on Continental now it's not even funny. Look, airlines have treated us all so bad for so long that we're pathetically grateful any time anything goes right, but Continental even beats that out. To wit:

1) You can select an Exit Row seat 24 hours before the flight when you check in online. FOR FREE. Can't do that at all on American, and Northwest charges you $40 or so for it. For someone like me, who's 6'4" and basically HAS to have an Exit Row, this is a fantastic advantage.

2) They actually give you free food. I know, that's no reason to choose an airline, but isn't it kind of nice?

3) Every flight I took on this trip - every single one - was almost exactly on time, or was within 15 minutes or so.

So bon voyage, American. You can suck it. I'm all about Continental now.

(If you work for Continental and you're reading this, I'm not shamelessly shilling for free First Class upgrades, but if you want to toss some my way, I'm sure we can continue to see glowing reviews here on the site.)


- I know SF is hurting for money and everything, but this is ridiculous. The Wife parks her car on a street near our house where we've been parking for years. The only parking restriction is street cleaning, 2nd and 4th Fridays, from 8 to 10. She parks it and doesn't go by it for days. Then one day last week she goes to use it and there are THREE TICKETS ON IT. Why? Because at some point in the prior few days, the city threw up residential permit parking only signs and then started slapping tickets on her car.

OH HELL NO. We're protesting this shit. How about a little warning next time, fuckers?

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