Monday, September 21, 2009

Is that duck? No, that's not duck. That's chicken.

Yesterday The Wife's Main Asian, James, got married and that means Chinese Wedding Banquet because he's Chinese and that's how they roll. It was at a Chinese seafood restaurant in Foster City and was pretty great.

The idea of the Chinese Wedding Banquet is that they keep bringing out dishes one after another and they put them on this lazy susan in the middle of the table and everyone at the table wheels the thing around and gets some. Also, James featured the fine wines of the Navarro Vineyards, specifically a Gew├╝rztraminer and a pinot noir, both of which I found to be excellent, which had nothing to do with the fact that they were unlimited and free and every time a bottle ran out *POOF* a new one magically appeared.

So The Wife and I were at our table with a group of James' friends from Cal enjoying either our first or second course (that would be either suckling pig three ways (all of which were delicious) or stuffed crab claw) when I hear singing and look up and there's a tiny woman in a pink dress singing karaoke with a wireless mic and she's heading right for us! As it turns out, Chinese Weddings Banquets feature karaoke. This seemed like a pretty swell idea and I was into it but The Wife told me that it wouldn't be "appropriate" for me to enchant the crowd with my rendition of "Folsom Prison Blues," no matter how many glasses of wine I'd had.

So we proceeded through the 8 or 10 courses (skipping only the shark fin soup because of complicated enviro-guilt reasons, which are beyond the scope of this blog post) and had a lot of wine (well, I did, anyway - The Wife drove home, thank God) and then drove back to SF and in the car on the way home agrred that "Good Things" by Rival Schools is pretty much one of the best songs ever. Two Very Enthusiastic Thumbs Up for Chinese Wedding Banquet. And our very great congratulations to James and Elaine, two great people who are much nicer than us.

In other news, you may have noticed the link to the right that suddenly appeared without explanation, but I am pleased to note and announce that The Wife has begun blogging. Specifically, she has undertaken a program of self-improvement the likes of which I could not begin to accomplish, and she's writing about her trials and tribulations doing this thing at a little blog called Leah Is Lazy. Won't you join her?

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