Friday, March 13, 2009

Live music once a month: March

This month's entry in my commitment to live music once a month was Rafter and We Is Shore Dedicated, last night at Rickshaw Stop.

Let me begin with a prototypical old guy, you-kids-get-off-my-lawn complaint: the show is listed as "8 pm." The first band started at 9. Come on. I know there were only about 20 people there at 8:30, but tough shit. Starting an hour late sucks.

Oh, and who put out the call to Tall Guys United? Seriously, I'm used to being the only, or one of the few, tall guys in any social setting, but there were a bunch of us out last night. What's up with that? One of them was with a Very Short Girl, which you always like to see. It looks like a giraffe and its baby.

OK, on to the show. The badly-named We Is Shore Dedicated was up first. Not so much. They're obviously skilled musicians, and there were some good musical ideas up there, but it never gelled for me. The songs just didn't go anywhere, I guess. But I'm not really the post-modern art-rock type.

Better news ahead, though, because I thought Rafter totally fucking rocked. 2 guys, tons and tons of prerecorded backing tracks and loops, and shitloads of some kind of funk/rock/noise hybrid I'm not qualified to name. I think I described it as Helio Sequence times Bing Ji Ling. I'll stick with that. Although the first song sorta sounded like The The.

Viva Voce was headlining, but it was already almost 11 because, duh, the show started at 9, so I had to go home because I had to be here at my workstation bright and early. Seriously, I never get to see the headliner at Rickshaw Stop shows because I'm old and have to leave early. Maybe I should be euthanized like in Logan's Run.

Speaking of getting old, I totally related to this post on Generic's blog.

Speaking of Generic, he (I think it's a he) is someone who comments on all the same blogs I read and comment on, and when you start to get familiar with someone from seeing them around the Interwebs, you start to think of them as someone you know. So I kind of feel like I sort of know Generic, in a way, even though in a much more real and actual way I don't know him at all. This is the kind of New Social Paradigm we'll have to figure out in the Shiny New Millennium.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Oh, and SXSW is starting. I mention this only so I can use the "SXSW" tag, which I only get to use about once a year.

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generic said...

... and it turns out that one of the students is a teen mother!

And she told me by linking from her (wait for it) ... myspace page.

Generation X: now grandparents.