Monday, March 23, 2009

The Sunday of Live Music

The bartender put down a PBR in front of me at 3:15 yesterday afternooon, said "The first one's on the house," and I was off on a Sunday of Live Music.

The first one was on the house because my band was playing yesterday afternoon. I've never played in the afternoon before and it was actually really fun and great and very nice to be done with the whole thing at 7:30 p.m. instead of 12:30 a.m.

ANYWAY, we got a really good reaction. Two people independently said we sounded like Pavement, which is kind of like telling an art student he paints sort of like Picasso. And weird, too, because no one's ever said that before.

We had a good time and sounded good, I guess, and then watched the 2 other bands on the bill and even though it wasn't really the kind of stuff I'd gravitate to, it was fun and interesting and also EAR-SPLITTINGLY LOUD. And these bands were comprised of kids. Like super-young. Definitely the youngest bands we've ever played with or maybe even ever seen. But they were totally cool kids and into what we were doing and didn't call us "gramps" or anything which was nice.

So we left the fetuses around 7:30 and dropped off our gear at the rehearsal space and then I went by the house for about 13 seconds and then went to the Makeout Room to see a friend's band play. And then I was all "Oh, man, I suck," because they had only practiced together like 3 times and this was their first show (and maybe their only show) and they were fucking GREAT. Like, I'd-buy-this-if-it-were-recorded-in-any-form great.

Home around 11 p.m. Feel fine today! Hmmm, maybe I didn't drink enough.

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Rocco said...

so what you're saying is that you have a REVERSE hangover?