Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Listen pls to these musics

Over at The Morning News, Paul Ford has once again provided an invaluable service to us all. He listened to each one of the 1,302 mp3s available on the South by Southwest website and wrote 6-word reviews of each, with accompanying artist info and link to the mp3. It's a staggering achievement. Here it is.

I spent some time looking through the list and downloaded about 50 that sounded cool in one way or another. Of those 50, here are the ones I like so far. DISCLAIMER - I haven't listened to all 50 yet. I can't imagine how this guy listens to 1300. FURTHER DISCLAIMER - By the time you read this, the links may not work. SXSW disables them after a while. FINAL DISCLAIMER - The notes after the songs are my own, not Paul Ford's.

The Young Republic - Black Duck Blues - Churning, strangled, dark Britpop, sort of.

Viva Voce - Drown Them Out - Lovely, haunting.

Gomez - Airstream Driver - Yes, Gomez is still around. Still making good music, too.

Wallpaper - T REX - This is so unlike anything I would normally listen to, but that's the fun of 1300 free mp3s. You find stuff you wouldn't normally listen to. This is a stupid, fun, over-the-top club song.

Shout Out Out Out Out - Bad Choices - This time, I can't top Paul Ford's description: "Kraftwerk for Cutie." HA!

The Heavenly States - Lost in the Light - Local band. Sort of an MC5 or T.Rex thing happening here. I like it.

The Chesterfield Kings - Up And Down - Haven't these guys been around forever too? Anyway, it's an awesome ripoff of mid-60's Stones. Yes yes yes.

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