Monday, September 22, 2008

Treasure Island Sunday. Full of win.

If there was a better place to be yesterday than the Treasure Island Festival, I'm not sure where it was.

The weather was just about perfect, it wasn't too crowded, there were short or no lines for almost everything, and the sound was fantastic. You couldn't ask for a better outdoor music festival.

That's Will Sheff from Okkervil River doing his thing. As you can see, we were pretty close to the stage. Super Hot Irish Girlfriend took this shot. I'm a big Okkervil River fan and one of the best live shows I saw last year was their set at the Independent. Their set yesterday didn't do as much for me, but SHIG disagreed and thought it was fantastic. Maybe the new songs just haven't grown on me yet.

I'm not sure who the brooding guy in the background is.

Personally, I thought that Spiritualized had the best set of the day, which may seem a bit odd, because when you think Spiritualized you think heroin and dark motel rooms, not bright sunshiney weather and plastic cups of Heineken. Still, for whatever reason, their set was killer.

I was excited to see Vampire Weekend, and they were pretty good.

I mean, they played all their songs well, but maybe didn't seem that excited or something. I don't know. They were good, but not great. Hey, who's complaining? Oh, right, me.

There was the usual outdoor festival kind of food and drink. Beers were $7, which is less than at a Giants game, so fine by me. There were also smallish cups of some indeterminate white wine for the same price. At one point, some guy walked by us and knocked over SHIG's wine and kept on walking, no apology or anything. "I wish you could buy douchebag insurance," Tom said. We all thought that would be a fine idea. Then, you'd be reimbursed any time a douchebag messed up your day.

That was a very minor glitch in an otherwise ideal day. I probably had one or two too many $7 Heinekens, and my face got totally sunburned and now I look like a bloated badger, but I can't wait to go again next year. As SHIG would say, "A++++++++ WILL DO BUSINESS AGAIN."

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