Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thanks, Apollo, for the great weather!

- Walking on Mission Street last night, near 29th, I passed one of the mostly-Latino bar/restaurant type places that had the windows boarded up, for some reason, and a shifty-looking guy guarding the door, which was closed tight. Just as I passed, there was a huge roar, like there was a big cheering crowd inside. WTF was going on in there? Fight club? Or just the Mexico-Canada World Cup qualifier? Or something else entirely?

- There were three quarterbacks drafted in the 2006 NFL draft. The highest-drafted was Vince Young, from Texas, who now is suffering some kind of emotional meltdown because Tennessee fans dared to boo him for shitty play and who now has resorted to having his mother tell the press that he's "hurting inside and out". I imagine the same goes for Titans fans.

The second was Matt Leinart, of USC, who is backing up the aging Kurt Warner at Arizona.

The third was Jay Cutler, from VANDERBILT, who isn't doing anything but carving up defenses with his rocket arm. SUCK IT, TEXAS AND USC.

- Debra Saunders in today's Chron, rebutting rumors about the slightly terrifying Sarah Palin:

In a 2006 gubernatorial debate, Palin said she believed in a "healthy debate" in public schools between creationism and evolution - and that reasonable view has been contorted into Palin wanting to force her creationist views down others' throats. Actually, it is the side that wants no debate that is intolerant.

Oh, Debra, you nut. A "healthy debate" between creationism and evolution is "reasonable"? How about a "healthy debate" in medical school about whether meningitis is caused by a virus or by demons? Maybe we'll teach kids that it's possible that thunderstorms are caused by Zeus's wrath. No good? Why so "intolerant"?

- You gotta get into Sons of Anarchy on F/X. It's like the Sopranos took over a California motorcycle gang. Great acting, good scripts, lots of swears. The only beef I have is that the sound mix seems a little off and it's hard to pick up all the dialogue sometimes, but I realize that's an ultra-picky thing to bitch about. Check it out.


Stephen said...

Carving up defenses? It was the *Raiders*, fer godssake.

Rocco said...

oh god. now we shift from baseball directly into football? is there ever a break for god's sake????

DrFeelgood said...

Ben, did you know that Cutler was also diagnosed with diabetes this summer? Play through, THAT, baby. So, now, you can give them a DOUBLE-SUCK IT.