Thursday, September 4, 2008

"No, it says 'Barista'!"

Yeah, angry speech by Palin, blah blah blah whatever. Let's get to the important shit: LEVI JOHNSTON HAS THE NAME "BRISTOL" TATTOOED ON HIS FINGER.

Now, I'm not making any judgments about Levi or Bristol or their soon-to-be-undoubtedly-oddly-named prodigy, but FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, MAN, don't EVER get a chick's name tattooed on you, ANYWHERE.

Dude, you are 17 YEARS OLD and you're already cougar bait. You're going to have more opportunities with chicks than Motley Crue with a GHB dispenser. I'm sure you think Bristol is the love of your life and you'll always be together to raise little Jumpsuit or whatever, but, trust me, in a couple of years you're going to be rubbing coconut oil on triplets at Hedonism II and wondering who this guy "Bristol" is who keeps calling you.

That's why you don't get chicks' names tattooed on you. Just ask Johnny Depp.

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