Thursday, December 31, 2015

My favorite tweets of 2015

Yes, it's back, for the third consecutive and fourth nonconsecutive time, TK's 2015 Tweets of the Year.  Everybody was very funny this year.  Good job, good effort.

Remember the llamas? I do, like it was yesterday, man. That was good times.

I think "here's a lanyard for some reason" is the killer. It's almost poignant.


I did too! At least, at first.

How does this only have 29 likes? Maybe it was passed around on another account and got 7 million likes? It should have 7 million likes.

I actually went and found the real comment. It's real, or at least appears to be. Amazing.

I LOL every time I think about this tweet, to this day.

My life has been considerably better since discovering @desusnice's Twitter.

What the kids call "pwned."

And just in under the wire, one late but worthy entry:
Happy New Year, everyone!


hez said...

Regarding Rascal Flats tweet: I LOL'd in the middle of work.

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