Thursday, October 22, 2015

These Airbnb ads are really something

You've probably seen some version of this story by now:

Airbnb Apologizes For Tone-Deaf Hotel Tax Ads, Will Take Them Down “Immediately”

For the past couple of hours, Airbnb has been getting slammed on social media for a San Francisco bus stop ad that was shared on Facebook. How bad was it? People (including Martha Kenney, who first shared the ad) started speculating that it may have been hoax, perhaps posted by someone who wanted to make Airbnb look bad.

via Techcrunch, and ultimately Martha Kenney, I guess. Thanks, Martha Kenney!

The other ones were even worse:



GG said...

You are brilliant.

TK said...

It's not really me, GG. It's tech companies that provide SO MUCH MATERIAL.

Paviv said...

Well done, fellow citizen. Airbnb is indeed a loathsome presence.

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