Friday, October 16, 2015

Here's another Music List that maybe only one person will be interested in

Mostly just because GG asked for it.

But then it turned out to be unexpectedly interesting!  Maybe mildly interesting.  Interesting because my list of my favortie songs of all time had one distinguishing demographic characteristic: ALL WHITE DUDES.  But then  I made this list of my favorite songs from the last 5-6 years and it's at least a little more diverse.  I mean, it's still not a Benetton ad, but it's at least a 5 Fulton.

Does Benetton still make ads?  Is that reference still relevant?

Here are My 20 Favorite Songs, 2009-2015.  As always, in no particular order:

TV on the Radio, "Second Song"
Azealia Banks f/ Lazy Jay, "212"
Vampire Weekend, "Worship You"
Elbow, "Leaders of the Free World"
Mikal Cronin, "Weight"
Kanye West, "Black Skinhead"
Kanye West, "Runaway"
Foxygen, "No Destruction"
Generationals, "TenTwentyTen"
Waxahatchee, "La Loose"
Woods, "Moving to the Left"
Ryan Adams, "Ashes and Fire"
Sturgill Simpson, "Living the Dream"
Sturgill Simpson, "You Can Have the Crown"
Carly Rae Jepsen, "Call Me Maybe"
Haim, "The Wire"
Neko Case, "This Tornado Loves You"
Sleigh Bells, "Crown on the Ground"
Lorde, "400 Lux"
Avett Brothers, "I And Love And You"

WHAT DOES IT MEAN.  I don't know.  You'll see that Sturgill and Yeezy are the only two artists with 2 songs each, and boy what I wouldn't give to see that double bill live.  I bet they'd totally be into it too!  Let's make that happen.

Have fun at Treasure Island, everybody!  The National, ugh.  I know, turn in my Dad Card at the desk.


GG said...

Awesome! Did you put Carly Rae Jepsen in there just to troll everyone? This is super interesting just because I also would have picked songs off of many of those albums -- but I was surprised by the tracks you decided to pick. Also, I guess I need to give in and start listening to Sturgill Simpson.

TK said...

G - Re Carly Rae, absolutely not trolling at all. That is an A+ fantastic pop song and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

I love Sturgill without reservation, but it helps if you already like country.

Thanks for prompting me to do this! It was fun.

KBN said...

Damn, I can't stop playing the Azelia and Kanye. Must be a Saturday thing.

Stoney said...

Great list.

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