Friday, June 19, 2015

Enjoy these attractions along the Warriors parade route!

Near the beginning of the parade, at 11th and Jefferson, stop by the Hope Your Forget This Old Racist Logo Pavilion, featuring the Philadelphia Warriors Logo that's so bad the Redskins would be embarrassed to use it.

At 11th and Broadway, take a rest at Sleepy Floyd's Mattress Mountain, or take a spin on the Todd Fuller Mediocrity Coaster!

Were you there when the 1975 team won it all?  Get your picture taken in front of the That's Total Bullshit You Were Not There Championship Banner!

New fans are welcome at the Bandwagon Stands, where you'll be issued a crisp new "The City" shirt and get a chance to win prizes by answering questions like  "Who is P. J. Carlesimo?" or "How many quarters are there in a game?"

You'll definitely want to tour the Hall of Forgotten Coaches, and maybe pick up an Eric Musselman baby bib or a Dave Cowens Who Is Dave Cowens sticker.

Getting a little choked up?  That's ok, the Latrell Sprewell Obvious Joke Station can handle that.

PLEASE NOTE: At the conclusion of the parade, everything is being packed up and moved to San Francisco.Longtime East Bay fans will have first priority to buy tickets at the new arena's Overcrowded BART Car SRO Plaza.

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Civic Center said...

At one point in the playoffs, I was in Palm Springs and was invited to dinner by my next-door neighbor, a lovely lady originally from San Rafael. I asked her if we could possibly put the game on the TV without sound and she said, "I had season tickets for the Warriors for 20 goddamn years and I went to every game, dragging my husband, and no, I'm not going to put on the game!" I think it was that final bit of malignant energy that tipped the magic team over into the holy winning zone.