Thursday, April 24, 2014

Three guys walk into a radio station

I was on BFF.FM yesterday with Burrito Justice and Olu.  It was fun.  Here's a link to a recording of the show!  This is what we talked about, more or less.

(I came late and wasn't there for the beginning.)

5:55 - The minutiae of Twitter
8:52 - Sandwich talk
14:20 - ENTER A TK
18:40 - Markov chains explained (not really)
23:28 - Does the Mission Yuppie Eradication Project still exist? And if so, do they have regular meetings?
26:26 - Let's talk about Yelp.  We create _LP.
28:40 - Is HBO's "Silicon Valley" good, or is it just "Girls" with computers?  The conversation takes a sad turn.
37:40 - Orphan Black is Canadian in its Canadianness.  The Mad Men D.B. Cooper hypothesis is mentioned.
42:17 - Sandwich Talk II.  There is a cultural misunderstanding.

**** SONG BREAK ***   *** SONG BREAK ***

1. Guided by Voices - As We Go Up We Go Down
2. Guided by Voices - Tractor Rape Chain
3. Woods - Moving to the Left

54:30 - "Nerd talk"
56:30 - An amazing coincidence
59:30 - San Francisco bars, a rumination
1:04:00 - Parenting detour
1:04:39 - Powdered alcohol, bagged alcohol, and tiny bottles of alcohol
1:07:45 - Is Ottawa racist?
1:15:30 - Live music venues in SF
1:22:35 - TK produces the Outside Lands lineup, printed, amazingly, on a piece of paper
1:23:00 - Holy shit, did you know it's Tegan and Sara who did "Everything Is Awesome"?
1:26:36 - Recycling poachers, FINALLY


Tamagosan said...

I am so very thankful for the archive link, because, as is so often the case, work got in the way of my internet radio show with internet people about the internet.

Naturally, I expect the 1:26:36 segment to be the highlight as I know it is of highest importance to the guest star. Speaking of poachers, Wednesday night was the first garbage night in our new place, and I got a chance to spot the neighborhood crew working the blue bins. An SF rite of passage for moving!

Anonymous said...

I found a very readable Markov Chain explanation for you! (really)

Anonymous said...

whoops, meant this link on that site.

Civic Center said...

To hell with the Markov Chain. I want to read the essay on "Orphan Black is Canadian in its Canadianness" because I'm lazy and won't click on the audio link.

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