Monday, April 28, 2014

Giants of advertising

Matt Cain knows that even $127 million doesn't guarantee financial security, so he cannily agreed to pick up some extra cake on the side shilling for Patxi's Pizza (which, BTW, is delicious).

Not bad!  I AM CONVINCED, MATT CAIN.  BRING ME A PATXI'S PIZZA.  At first I was confused about the "Tricky spelling, though - P - A - T - X - I - S," as if we couldn't read it right there on the screen, but then I realized this was a radio spot.  Oh OK.

Next to Bruce Bochy, Matt Cain has Sean Penn-level acting chops.  Bochy also pimps pizza, but for Patxi's bitter rival Amici's.  Bruce delivers his line readings with all the verve of a Soviet prisoner recording a confession extracted under torture.

You know who wastes Cain and Bochy both, though? No surprise here: Sergio Romo.  He's got no lines in this Mercedes ad, but he's got mad style.

I vote Serg Most Likely to Have a Viable Pitchman Career After Baseball.

Then there was this unpleasantness:

Perfect, Brian Wilson for Taco Bell. One is an embarrassing nauseant with an outpost in the Marina and the other is Taco Bell.  I am happy to say that I was way out in front in the Hating Brian Wilson game and started hating him long before he left the Giants.  His whole schtick is so fucking tired at this point.  His current 0-2, 14.40 ERA gives some small comfort.

14.40 ERA!  Hahahahaha.  Brian Wilson.


Robert said...

How could you forget Buster Posey's "Toyota" ads? Those are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

While delicious, Chicago style deep dish is not actually pizza. A savory Italian pastry perhaps.

TK said...

Robert - Speaking of Buster Posey, I just remembered his commercial for EA Sports, which actually IS hilarious.

Burrito - You speak the truth, but Patxi's also has thin-crust pizzas, which are the only kind I ever get from them.

Tamagosan said...

I've been advised by The Professor (who believes that the only valid pizza style is the New Haven school) that I'm not allowed to comment on pizza, but as a lifelong KNBR listener, I can say that these acting skills are right on target. Sergio obviously is going for the Oscar here, but I think you're overlooking Matt Cain's true calling: billboards.

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