Friday, February 21, 2014

What I'm looking for

Grenoble - Was on House Hunters International last night; wanted to look up where in France it was

423-648-4908 - Called our home phone; didn't recognize number, so Googled it; appears to be a survey of some kind?

Pacsun - You know, the woman who bought the dirty t-shirts; wanted to see the shirts

Shanghai Tunnel - Didn't understand the reference in this Generic tweet; still don't, really

CHP accident - Caught the tail end of the story on the news, wanted to know more.  Tragic.

Infant swim seat - We're going to Arizona in a few weeks.  Staying at a place with a pool.  Into the water, Beyonce!

Bill Nye - Had some dustup with some idiot Congressperson I wanted to read about.

QR code reader - I needed a QR code reader

True Detective - Needed my TD info; there is so much TD info

Katie Lee dating - I actually just entered "Katie Lee" because I saw her on some cooking show and she looked familiar; turns out it's the same Katie Lee who used to be married to Billy Joel and hosted the first season of Top Chef.  Google autofilled "dating," as it do.  (She was dating Will Arnett, BTW)

the kitchen food network - The aforementioned Katie is on the Food Network show "The Kitchen."  As far as I know, there is no network called "The Kitchen Food Network" but if you want to start it, let's do it.

Turley zinfandel - Had it with dinner at The Cavalier; was delicious; wanted to see what the markup was.  (Restaurant: $80; retail: $29. Not TOO bad.)


GG said...

Shanghai Tunnel is a bar in Portland, which is named after the legendary/controversial "Shanghai tunnels" that run under the city, allegedly used to drug and steal able-bodied men to use as sailors during the gold rush. You can take a tour of a section of them, which is fun/interesting, although naysayers claim the tour operator is just trying to make a buck and the tunnels were actually just used for other purposes like moving goods from the docks to stores/restaurant while avoiding taxes. Anyway, this is probably all TMI.

TK said...

Not TMI! That's very helpful information. VHI.

Tamagosan said...

I think we can safely say that we went past the point of TMI here in the comment section a long time ago.

Adding "boules" to a "grenoble" image search will show you how futuristic-60s Grenoble can be. Every SF hill should have its own téléphérique!

As for HH, the fact that Dry Djanuary has transitioned into Forget-About-Booze February may or may not be a result of the HH drinking game a few months ago...

TK said...

Wow, you were right about the boules, Tam!

I'm interested in the HH drinking game. I assume it involves "open concept," "dual sinks," "hardwood," and the girl side-eyeing the closet and saying it's not big enough.

Tamagosan said...

Pro tip: Do NOT run around and point your gun, James Bond-style, with actual French people in the boule. Especially not when you are 19 and Don't Quite Get It.

As for the HH drinking game, you've nailed it. The best part is, once you run out of "official" rules, you can make up your own. Your mileage may vary, but this game was VERY successful at our house. I have the list we used that is truly TMI:

-the buyers put a qualifier on the smallness of the bathroom (not just "this bathroom is small" but "it's a little small/kind of tight/going to be quite a squeeze")
-the buyers make any negative comment on what can very easily be changed (paint, carpet, light fixtures)
-the buyers express obvious disappointment at lack of stainless steel
-the buyers imagine space needed for children/animals they don't have yet (this doesn't count if a woman buyer is preggers)
-the buyers insist on excessive backyard space for tiny dogs
-anything needs "updating"
-the buyers "need" two more bedrooms than there are people in the family, or two home offices
-the buyers express horror at kids sharing a bedroom
-the buyers imagine sitting on the balcony/bed/porch/in front of the window "drinking coffee"
-the buyers think they can do the work themselves when clearly they are not handy
-the buyers admit they are not handy
-the buyers think that the work would be much cheaper than it actually would, or miss obvious problems that would need to be fixed
-the words "mancave", "open concept", "commute" or "school district" are mentioned
-the phrases "i was hoping for...", "i can cook and entertain..." or "what's going on with..." are used
-the buyers wonder if their furniture will fit
-one of the buyers repeatedly fixate on a superfluous "necessity" after being told by agent or other buyer that it is out of the question
-the buyers refer to activities they imagine the sellers doing
-the agent says in an interview that they have to compromise on either price or location
-the buyers are clearly on opposite pages of what they want and are willing to pay for
-the woman buyer likes the most expensive house and the man likes the cheapest house or vice versa
-the asking is referred to as "at the top of our budget"
-the agents show them no properties than are within the buyers' price range
-the agent suggests that there might be "wiggle room" in the price
-the buyers want to put in an offer at less than $50k of asking, or less 20%
-the agent suggests this might be insulting
-the buyers ignore this and do it anyway
-the buyers won't decide on one property and decide to put the search on hold
-there are clearly acted-out scenes of cooking in their three-months-later follow-up shots

TK said...

Oh my God. This is amazing.

Tamagosan said...

Tell your liver I apologize.

sev2108 said...

What's your go to True Detective analysis site? So much there I need a little help sometimes, too.

TK said...

sev - I like Slate's coverage, but Vulture is good too.

I haven't watched last night's episode yet, so I haven't read either of the latest pieces I just linked to. So they better be good.

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