Thursday, November 8, 2012

This is the last election-related thing for a while, I promise

But I have to just put this out there because it is BLOWING MY MIND.

So current Supervisor Eric Mar won re-election in District 1, where I live.  He got 11,495 votes.  Second place was David Lee.  He got 8,225 votes

(My personal choice, fellow recycling theft opponent Sherman D'Silva, clocked in with a relatively anemic 1,608 votes.  WE'LL GET 'EM NEXT TIME SLUGGER.)

So total spending on the David Lee campaign by David Lee and outside groups supporting him was around $800,000.  EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, or about what a modest home in District 1 costs. 

That means that David Lee spent about $97 per vote. And lost.  WOW.  Next time, try handing out crisp hunskies, David.  Sure, you'll need to raise $1,149, 600, but that's not THAT much more.


Greg said...

The outside spending hurt lee because much of it was so bad.

it's a pity he lost - he was the only candidate with a solid plan to improve transportation in SF - for Muni riders, auto drivers, cyclists and people who walk - and instead the voters elected a pie in the sky incompetent who is easily one of the stupidest people in office.

Next time folks in the richmond bitch about the 38 or whatever, they can blame themselves for not sending Lee to City Hall.

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