Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Thought She Was an I, But She Was Really a K

Here's my new song! Hope you guys like it. I just realized that it won't make any sense if you don't live in SF. So to my non-SF readers, sorry. Just play along like you know what's going on.

I Thought She Was an I, But She Was Really a K


I met her one Sunday in line for Boogaloos
Ritual or Four Barrel, it's so hard to choose
She said she was an installer of experimental art
I told her I lived near 16th and Mission BART


I thought she was an I but she was really a K
The parking permit on her bumper gave her away
With her tattoos and taste in brews I thought we'd be alright
But no, she was a secret K masquerading as an I

That night we were at my place; things were going fine
Smoking up some weed and drinking up some wine
I asked her if she lived nearby and she said "Oh no,"
"I'm not from the Mission. I live in Cow Hollow."


My worldview was shaken; my vision went awry
I felt like our time together was built upon a lie
She wasn't wearing yoga pants and didn't look all LA
So how could I have figured out that she was a K?


Now and then I'll see her drinking at the Lat
Talking to her Marina friends about how they're not fat
Maybe I'm superficial but it feels OK
At least I didn't get stuck accidentally marrying a K



GG said...

LOL, I once accidentally dated someone who lived off Alamo Square, which wouldn't have been too bad except that he didn't have a car. I'm not saying that spending 25 minutes dragging my ass way the hell up there multiple times a week killed the relationship, but it gave me a lot of spare time in the car to meditate on whether I wanted to continue dating him.

TK said...

Hey, at least you were already close to the Independent!

TK said...


You can all thank me in the comments.

Anonymous said...

Hooray, I can post comments again!!

Another filter: cell phone area codes.

Rocco said...

it's supposed to be "s." she's supposed to be an S bc that's the lower heezie, duh.

Tamagosan said...

Lovely song indeed. Always wondered how these were determined, since the order seems kind of random. History of parking maps, ah, only in SF... And is it just me or does my zone (Glen Park, D) look like a map of France? Yeah, that's what I thought, just me.

Tamagosan said...

Oh yeah, thanks for turning off Captcha. I feel less illiterate now.