Friday, February 25, 2011

The strange fascinations of my readers

A while back, I wrote a blog post about a comely young meteorologist whose name I can't repeat here for reasons that will become clear shortly but whose initials are E.T. Little did I know that E.T. would become the focus of intense interest in the Internet community. In the time since I wrote that post, E.T.'s name has become the #2 search term that people have found my blog using (the first being "40 going on 28," which is kind of gratifying, I guess). That's a lot of searches! That post is the 4th-most-read thing on my blog. People love E.T.!!!!

E.T. has since moved on to L.A., I gather, so maybe the larger population has something to do with it.

I'm imagining there's some subculture of female-meteorologist-obessed fanboys, breathlessly trading pics and stories about their fave weathergirls. Fuck, there's a subculture for EVERYTHING, so probably.

OK, next thing. Almost every day, someone runs a Google search for "Burritt [or Burrit] Room 40goingon28". Yes, at one point I did a post about the Burritt Room, and mentioned it again one other time, but I'm hardoly the go-to guy for Burritt Room info. So why that search, day after day? I like to imagine it's the owners of the Burritt Room, getting up every day and going "Man, I hope TK wrote something about us again TODAY on the blog! Oh, crap." And then slinking away all disappointed.

If you're the person who does this search every day: when you get to the post, hit "Bookmarks > Bookmark this page." Will save you a ton of time, swear.

One other thing: I will never again make the mistake of using the term "nude girls" in the title of a post. And people suck at searching for pornography. I mean, seriously, people, you can't TURN ON a computer without the vilest, most graphic perversions spilling out into your lap, and you found MY blog? Wow.

ANYWAY. Have a good weekend! It's not going to snow, so stop that.


toddx said...

So, you're saying you WON'T be posting porn here? Alas. :)

Tamagosan said...

I ran a very silly post about a supermarket chain called Cost-U-Less (not to be confused with Pay-Less) and then noticed that popular search terms were "cost-u-less fire" and "cost-u-less burned down". It's probably only a matter of time before the Guam arson squad is at my door...