Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just a couple of pics from the parade and then I swear to God I will stop talking about the Giants until next year

Unless they sign Jayson Werth or something.

About a million people got together in San Francisco yesterday for a bigass parade and celebration thing in Civic Center. Pretty fucking amazing, considering the population of the entire city is about 800,000.

"Crowded" isn't the right word. It was fucking packed down there. Plus, it was 78 degrees, which feels like 95 in SF, because we're used to 57. (When you look at this picture, you have to imagine the overpowering scent of marijuana. The whole thing smelled like a Cypress Hill concert.)

The parade came down McAllister and then into Civic Center Plaza. The float with all the anthropomorphized snack products was bumping that horrifying "Fist Pump" song they played late this season at the park. The Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips was way into it.

If Buster Posey was any more clean-cut, he'd probably ascend to Heaven right now, where Mother Theresa would say "Who's the square?" He saluted the crowd in his inimitable, aw-shucks way. Meanwhile, Brian Wilson was running around like a crazy person high-fiving and striking poses in the middle of the street. Closers have traditionally cultivated a me-so-crazy image, and B-Dub seems to love playing that role.

Then it was time for the Ceremony on the Steps of City Hall. Each player was awarded 10 virgins or something, I think. I couldn't hear very well. Then Aubrey Huff did a little dance and pulled a red thong out of his pants. Whatever, it's Civic Center. I've seen a woman taking a shit while smoking crack here, so pulling a thong out of your pants is nothing.

Everybody seemed to have a nice time. DPW cleaned up the place real nice. Let's do it again next year.


Tamagosan said...

I was wondering about that fist pump song. I only heard it at Game One of the playoffs, having not attended that many games toward the end of the season. (I prefer to see the Giants when there is no hope apparently; as soon as the Wild Card was a possibility, I never made it to the park...) Someone told me it was from Jersey Shore. I still don't get the connection though, or is it just randomly stupid, which of course I can respect...

Anonymous said...

Find yourself on the gigapan yet?

I'm in there twice (I moved during the sweep -- actually 2.2 times as you can see the top of my head floating ethereally halfway).

They have each game in there too.

TK said...

Sadly, I don't appear in the big photo. It must have been taken when I spent an inning waiting in line for the bathroom. The Wife is there, though, looking as radiant as ever.

TK said...

*smacks forehead*

Oh wait, you mean the panoramic shot of the celebration, not the WS game I went to!

Yeah, I found myself. My shirt, anyway. You can't see my head.

IZZY D said...

Tonight was the 1st time I read your blog (Parade to WS) and you FLIPPIN' ROCK! I read them backwards and they got more and more interesting and fun the more I read. I am a 27 year old die-hard Giants fan and I love chillin' with my guy friends cuz they know all about the history and present games, but reading your blogs was so tight! It's waaaay waaaay better than hearing or trying to talk to the bandwagoners I'm surrounded by.

HardNox said...

Found this post through google, we sing the song "Fist Pump" I am part of the group called "HardNox". If you're a true giants fan you'll keep fist pumping next year cuz they're gonna bangin the hell out of it in 2011!!! Good pic of us on the float! Coolest thing ever to perform in the parade!!!