Monday, May 3, 2010

Two views of the Endup

First, from Roger Ebert's (if you follow him, you know) incredibly prolific Twitter stream:

Now, maybe the Endup is not in the best neighborhood, but (a) it's not in the Mission District, and (b) the Mission District, while it has some rough patches, is not "Skid Row." Parts of the Tenderloin would qualify as "Skid Row," I guess, and maybe parts of 6th Street, on which the Endup is located, but I think Ebert misread the situation.

Everyone's favorite LA-based casual drug user/snarky advice columnist Coketalk was also in town this weekend. What did she have to say?

A more charitable view, wouldn't you agree?


generic said...

I'll say it a million times on a million blogs: The Endup is to San Francisco what San Francisco is to the rest of America.

The Tenderloin defines Skid Row.

TK said...

I like that! I will steal it and repeat it and give you proper credit after everyone laughs.

I think "18 and Life" defines Skid Row, but maybe that's just because it was such a big hit.

Anonymous said...

I keep meaning to download Vertigo and post the brief clip where James Stewart gets a Mission address he means to investigate and says (with startled Republican accent): "Mission Street... well, that's a slum address!"

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I figured it out -- Ebert is obviously thinking of 48 Hours where Nick & Eddie go to the cowboy bar in the "Mission District".

That would be the best New Bar Night EVER.

Rocco said...

well robert ebert, that's a bit RUDE.

periqueblend said...

i love the competing notions in my head of a tavern:
nice and comfy with hay and candles and tankards of grog; and the Endup.

sydneyleung said...

This is too great! Thank you's for posting.

The Endup

generic said...

Well, if no one else is going to link to it.

tim m said...

I don't think it's such a crisis when someone that doesn't live here mixes up two different neighborhoods. I can see how someone who drove down 6th Street (especially between Market and Howard) might think of "Skid Row".

Anonymous said...

Just found the relevant part of the Vertigo transcript:

SCOTTIE: Say, Midge, do you remember a guy at college named Gavin Elster?

MIDGE: Gavin? Gavin Elster? You’d think I’d would. No.

SCOTTIE: I got a call from him today. Funny. He dropped out of sight during the war, and I’d heard he’d gone East. I guess he’s back.
(he fishes out a slip of paper)
It’s a Mission number.

MIDGE: That’s Skid Row… isn’t it?

SCOTTIE: Could be.

More context over at MM.

Anonymous said...

Nice find, Johnny. But I could swear it's Stewart who delivers the offending 'skid row' line. I guess I'll have to track down the clip (which will inevitably prove me wrong).

Anonymous said...

Nope, it's MIdge-- the transcript doesn't lie.

Here's the clip:

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I love the Internet. How did I procrastinate before 1994?

Tamagosan said...

TAVERN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I think that's the funniest part.

The Sonia Show said...

Eh, what do you expect from a guy who gave "Garfield" three stars? I'm sure he's a nice guy, but Ebert can't be trusted.