Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh well. 9 days counts for something, I guess.

It has become somewhat of a tradition to take a couple of weeks off from drinking in January to dry out after the alcohol-intensive Holiday Season and just kind of get your shit together. It also saves a lot of money, which is good because I'm usually broke in January.

This year, I fully and completely intended to not drink from Jan. 1 to Jan. 16. I know, it's not exactly a monumental achievement, but it's what I was going to do.

Well, believe it or not, I couldn't even make it to this easy-to-achieve goal. I blame Super Hot Irish Girlfriend. She hasn't been on board this year although, to her credit, she's only had like 2 glasses of wine since Jan. 1. Anyway, we made it through Friday night actually having people over and playing games without drinking, which is kind of amazing. Then on Saturday afternoon, she starts dropping the hints. "I mean, what are you trying to prove?" she says. "You know what?," I said. "You make a good point. Let's go."

We went to Valley Tavern and had a couple of beers there, then went home and had a few more while we watched a movie. I know, it would be a better story if we stayed out until 3 am draining one bottle of Veuve after another, only to wake up under a bench in Dolores Park, but reality doesn't always live up to the hype. Maybe I'm learning moderation!

P.S. Sober January seems to be a not-uncommon idea. They're doing it. And them. And her.

To me fellow would-be Sober Januarians, then, I say: Sowwy.


Anonymous said...

Two things about January in AA:

1. LOTS of new peoples.
2. LOTS of sober anniversaries.

We call this set the Resolution Alcoholics. It's like a pet name.

periqueblend said...

how every religion/culture/ society of you to blame a woman for causing you to go astray.

(it seems no one has made it the whole month. Even I had a sip or two of beer on Thursday)

TK said...

@ sflovestory -

What percentage of Resolution Alcoholics who appear for the first time in January make it to February?

@ Whirlwind -

You didn't know that it's all woman's fault?