Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lutherans, Republicans, and wedding photographers

First, two political-y things. If you don't care for that kind of stuff, please feel free to skip ahead.

One - Yesterday a California Court of Appeal ruled that California Lutheran High School in San Bernardino had the right to expel lesbians. It seems that someone was snooping around on some students' Myspace pages and found out that two female students had expressed their love for one another. The principal of the school questioned them, they admitted they were in love, and they were expelled.

Now, I'm willing to accept the ruling, which basically says that the school is a private, religious enterprise and can kick anybody out who doesn't adhere to its religious principles. But I have to wonder - is this really what Christians are all about? Because that sucks. If Jesus taught school, and two of his female (or male) students said they loved each other, do Christians really think Jesus would have said, "Out! Get the fuck out of my school. You're expelled!" Because that's not the vibe I get from what I know about him.

So carry on, California Lutheran High School. Do whatever you want. But I can see what turns people off about religion sometimes.

Two - Former Republican National Committe Chairman Rich Bond:

“We need a great deal more tolerance for the other guy’s point of view,” Bond said. “Not everybody comes from the same constituency as a majority-white homogenous district in the South where all people care about is keeping their guns and taxes.”

I'm sure waves of outrage will now flow from these homogenous districts in the South "where all people care about is keeping their guns and taxes," right? Just like it did when Obama said essentially the same thing? Right?

Moving on. Last night we met with Chris, who's photographing our wedding, at Laszlo. As you might imagine from looking at his website, he's not really a wedding photographer and, in fact, that's exactly why we picked him to do it. "Here's the deal," I said. "We don't want any lineups of the bridal party. No intertwined hands with rings. No bride gazing meaningfully into middle distance." Chris got it immediately, and he's cool with that. So our wedding photos are going to look just like Debaser!

Better than the alternative.


amy.leblanc said...

the photog bit leads me to provide unsolicited wedding planning advice: you and your SHIG should check out .

TK said...

Cool site, Amy, thanks!