Monday, December 8, 2008

Spell "retard" backwards

Yesterday we had Stephen & Jessica over to help decorate our Christmas tree, if by "help decorate our Christmas tree" you mean "drink 5 bottles of wine and play Cranium."

Cranium's fun enough, I guess. My beef with it (and you knew I was going to bitch about something, right) is that a lot of the questions are too fucking easy. One of the categories is all spelling and wordplay, and I shit you not, the questions are sometimes shit like "Spell 'haiku'" or "Spell 'snorkel' backwards." Not exactly particle physics. I'm just being a jackass, though. It was fun.

Anyway, somehow the tree got decorated, and Leland got to hang out in his vaguely disinterested way with Todd, and I made falafel from scratch, just 'cause that's how I roll.

Now get out there and SPEND SOME MONEY, you fucking tightwad. The future of our country depends on it.


Jessica said...

That's why my game of choice is Trivial Pursuit Genus 1, which is damn near impossible unless you 1. were born in the 30s, 2. love early–20th-century sports stats, or 3. eventually figure out that the answer is almost always either "one, "zero," or "Barry Goldwater."

Cranium was a lot of fun though. Thanks for having us!

Rocco said...