Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Sort of.

Found on Craigslist today:

Event on Christmas day, remembering Tatiana the Tiger (Greenwich Steps, SF)

A sculpture of her is going to be unveiled, on the Greenwich Steps at 430 in the afternoon, a year to the day of her death. If anyone would like to come, there will be a small gathering at the garden there is a public platform. Thank you...
Just in case you're not familiar, Tatiana is the tiger who jumped out of her enclosure at the SF Zoo last Christmas Day and mauled to death this guy who may or may not have been taunting her. The SFPD showed up and shot her. One of the few murder cases they've successfully closed this year, BTW!!

There was a pretty large public outcry about Tatiana's shooting, partly because the kid that got killed may have been taunting her (and seemed a little thuggy, maybe) and partly because, hey, it's San Francisco. But really, what else were the cops supposed to do? Try and lure it back to the cage with some kitty treats?

Anyway, I'm kind of tempted to go to this, because I'm totally curious about what kind of statue they're going to unveil and because it seems like there'll be all kinds of crazy at this thing, which I always love.

Merry Christmas, everybody! Make sure your Christmas plans include staying away from large land-based top predators, k?

Mine include my Mom coming to town, which is kind of close. KIDDING, MOM!!! We'll be doing a lot of cooking and hanging out and going to museums and that kind of thing. So if you see a hungover-looking guy struggling to stay awake accompanied by an older woman who's loudly asking everyone in earshot where Chinatown is, say hi!


Rocco said...

i have 4 bottles of wine chilling.

Rocco said...

oh, and those are just for TODAY.

Anonymous said...

If I go will you come with me? No joke. I have absolutely nothing to do Xmas Day at 4:30. No dinner, no friends in town, nada.

Tiger memorial unveiling? I am so there. xx - Holden

P.S. I am dead serious. Mauled-to-death serious. (Sorry, could not help that one. Damn Xmas screwing with my brain and whatnot.)

Rachel said...

Poor Tatiana. If anything, the zoo should charge those 'good boys' with trespassing or something. They continue to be total thugs even after the whole tiger mauling thing. Idiots!
Of course, their friend shouldn't have been eaten, but come on... You don't climb into a tiger enclosure. That's just plain DUMB.
Happy Christmas!

TK said...

@ Holden -

I'd love to, really, but trust me, you wouldn't want my Mom there.

Mauled-t-death serious, you wouldn't.