Monday, October 13, 2014

Types of annoying people RANKED


28. Obviously fake name at Starbucks

27. Three abreast walkers

26. Bad tippers

25. Burning Man people who are super into being Burning Man people

24. People who don't give up their seats to the elderly or the pregnant or the disabled or someone holding a small child on public transit

23. No turn signal

22. Clerks who turn bills so they all face the same way before completing a transaction

21. Boston Red Sox fans

20. People who order five sandwiches in the deli line

19. People who constantly quote movie lines instead of having their own sense of humor

18. Weekend sports anchors

17. Relatives on Facebook who only post crazy right-wing crackpot stuff

16.  Bicyclists on the sidewalk

15. Loud bros

14. Takes way too long at the ATM

13. "I don't own a TV"

12. Has very specific diet; wants to make sure you know all about the diet and what they can and can't eat

11. Kid Rock

10. SFGate commenters

9. People who stand on the left side of the escalator

8. Teens

7. Sidewalk clipboard fundraisers

6. People who date your ex

5. Dudes who obviously ogle women and catcall and shit like that

4. Responds to lengthy text asking a question with "K"

3. People who leave voicemails

2. Loud cell phone talkers

1. Everybody else in general


Rachel said...

I agree... Except for Red Sox fans. Since you know, I am one.

Unknown said...

Um, what about the celiac-free, gluten-free types?

GG said...

Hey! I ALWAYS give a fake name at Starbucks. I'm just not interested in spending 2-4 minutes on this exchange:
"Uh... what is it? Karen? Caitlyn? Did you say Karen? What? How do you spell it?" [Then I have to spell it 3 or 4 times]. "How do you pronounce that? What?"

I usually give Max, because it's my (late) cat's name, so I'd always pay attention when I heard someone yell "Max!" Maybe that's not "obviously fake"?

As to #25, I would like to put all the Burning Man people in a pile and set them on fire. No pun intended.

GG said...

P.S. I was married to #19. The WORST.

Stephen said...

We went for a low-impact bike ride yesterday. On minimally-populated roads, to get comfortable being on bikes again. To Dogpatch! Who's in Dogpatch on a Sunday? Nobody! Wait. What's all this traffic? Why are the streets blocked off? Why is everyone dressed like a stripper, or a clown? Why is that guy on the bike in front of us wearing a kilt? Jesus, there are cars everywhere. Has that woman cried off her clown makeup? This is the worst. Oh, "Burning Man Decompression." I was looking forward to our Dogpatch bike ride, too.

TK said...

Rachel - #notallredsoxfans

Unknown - subsumed within #12?

GG - Well, if it makes you feel any better, it's very low on the list.

Stephen - if you guys rode on the sidewalk you maybe experienced 3 or 4 on the list at once.

hez said...

#29 all drivers in SF

Anonymous said...


Andrea said...

People who stand in line at the Kaiser pharmacy before their name show up on the board.

People who litter.

People who take cuts.

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