Thursday, March 27, 2014

Leland Yee: The Lego Version

Sorry about the "instroduced" typo but I don't have the time to go back and fix it now.


GG said...


Stephen said...

All the papers are calling it an indictment, but is it just a complaint that needs to go to a grand jury to become an indictment? #DontKnowCrimPro

TK said...

Stephen - Yeah, at this point it's a complaint that can either go to the grand jury for an indictment or go to a preliminary hearing. My understanding is that most of the time it goes to a grand jury.

Civic Center said...

Thank you for the brilliant Lego comic, and the actual information. The Taiwanese animation masters should be looking over their shoulders.

At a smart old SF leftie blog called "Can It Happen Here?", there was a post about the incident where I had to put my two cents in the comments. Here's a reduction:

I'm curious about the deep politics behind this particular FBI investigation. Most of the charges seem to be based on FBI entrapment scenarios, and Yee was so casually corrupt in an everyday way that he probably just said yes to everything [thank you for confirming that suspicion with the Lego cartoon].

The fact that Yee isn't/wasn't part of the real power structure in this city, as represented by Willie Brown/Dianne Feinstein/Nancy Pelosi and their minions such as Ed Lee and Gavin Newsom, does not bode well for Mr. Yee.

I worked with a woman who was the chief aide to SF Supervisor Jew before he got arrested, and finally got around to asking her why he was arrested rather than the equally corrupt Willie Brown, for instance. Her response was, "He wasn't a member of the club, and wouldn't do what they wanted him to do. That's the main reason he's in jail."

Tamagosan said...

What GG said.

Nothing about this surprises me, having loosely followed SF politics lo these many years. Personally, I've disliked Yee ever since he blocked the red light camera on Market to nab folks turning on to the freeway right in the path of ped and bikes... #singleissuevoter

TK said...

Michael - Thanks for the Actual Politics. Informative!

As for more webcomics, we can neither rule that possibility in or out at this time.