Friday, June 21, 2013

Muni bus plows into Yeezus and the Christian Post or something

SO MUCH TODAY. Well, some.  I don't know about "so much."  Never mind.

FIRST: Muni passenger stops out of control bus!

Seriously, watch the video in that link.  It's got it all.  Muni!  A hero passenger named Frank Primus!  Bicyclists jumping out of the way! A girl with vocal fry saying she was scared out of her mind! How this was not the most Twittered about event in the history of SF, I don't know.  Because it didn't happen in the Mission, I guess?

SF Appeal says the bus hit an illegally U-Turning car. GOOD. 

SECOND: The #1 album in the country today is by Black Sabbath.  Just let that sink in for a second. [UPDATE: You know what just occurred to me?  It's probably the #1 album because Black Sabbath fans are the only people old enough to go to a store and buy a physical CD. Fuck, they might even buy vinyl without realizing it's hipster to buy vinyl.  They buy vinyl because they still have the record player they had in 1977.]

THIRD: Next week's #1 album will surely be Kanye's "Yeezus."  Sure, any dorky white guy at Pitchfork can give Yeezus a 9.5 (and I apologize in advance if Ryan Dombal, who "creates GIFs for Pitchfork's Tumblr" and "lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn," isn't a white guy, although come the fuck on), but what we want to know is what the Christian Post thinks!

ANSWER: Not bad

Yeezus never lacks passion or direction which is an aspect of the album that can be respected. It certainly is a cohesive work at just 10 tracks clocking in at around 40mins. It is also the first of Kanye's albums to feature more than one beat from a producer other than himself. Daft Punk, a group Kanye once sampled for crafting hit records such as 'Stronger' is behind the boards for the first three songs on Yeezus. The electro pop dance group energizes the rapper bringing out a side of him that was missing from MBDTF.

That's actually not a bad take on it, Christian Post!  Color me surprised!
 There are a few blasphemous lines here and there, but the self proclaimed man of God sticks to his usual dabbling in Christianity mentality recognizing that Jesus is still the Most High while spitting some of his most over-sexed lyrics to date throughout the rest of the project. He functions as an unashamed walking contradiction which is something he has been for most of his career.

OK then, Christian Post!  If you're willing to let a "few blasphemous lines here and there" slide, I guess it's cool.

(BTW, Christian Post isn't kidding about over-sexed lyrics. Don't know if Christian Post was specifically thinking of "Put my fist in her like a civil rights sign" or not, but maybe!)

Anyway, I'm not sure how I feel about this album, but I can't stop listening to it. It's actually kind of brilliant, I think.


Napa, you sly dog.


GG said...

Two people whose names I would like to never hear again are Kanye West and Michelle Shocked.

Andrea said...

GG said "Two people whose names I would like to never hear again are Kanye West and Michelle Shocked."
Her sentence should have ended with "...unless they get married and are hit by a speeding out of control muni bus while Frank Primus watches."

Stoney said...

Other than "Black Skinhead," Yeezus is doing nothing for me. In fact there are parts I out-and-out hate.

Skance said...

Look, if nobody at your organization knows how to spell 'hors d'oeuvres', just call it 'heavy apps'. Come on, people.

Skance said...
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Tamagosan said...

Oh yes, it does have it all.

"The car may be cited for illegally turning in front of the bus." Talk about YEEEEEEZUS...

Reading this inspired me to rock out to my Black Sabbath Pandora station, which I think makes me neither old nor hipster, but rather lazy and mainly appreciative I generally work in an office alone and therefore have total control over what comes out of the speakers.