Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A few thoughts on Chuck Prophet's stolen gear

Chuck Prophet is a San Francisco-based musician/singer/rock guy. In fact, this year he put out an album called "Temple Beautiful" that's sort of a San Francisco tribute album. It's pretty great, actually, probably one of my favorite albums of the year. Here, check out a sample track:

Anyway, about a week ago, Chuck's guitar was stolen from his van at Noe and 14th.

But then it was returned! Here's part of the story, as recounted on Chuck's facebook page:

After Kara Johnson and Patrick Winningham came up with an action plan, they flyer'd every SRO on Market Street down through the 6th St. corridor and up into the 'Loin. The flyer offered a 200.00 reward then up to 500.00 and 600.00.

This morning I got a cryptic text message from a guy who said said he had the guitars and that we had a deal.

I was up in Seattle, so I called Patrick, who took it from there. With Tom Heyman in tow (wearing a belt buckle the size of a turkey platter), he headed out for the hand-off, pockets stuffed with cash. They negotiated a meet-up at the Starbucks on 8th and Market - neutral territory. "Mike" showed up with a crumpled flyer instead of a corsage. After a few pleasantries were exchanged, another guy wheeled around the corner on roller blades - with both instruments strapped to his back! Where's the film crew when we need 'em? Patrick and Tom docked these two fine citizens two C-notes (or was it three?) for spray painting the bass lime green (fair is fair), and drove off with the guitars.
So he got the guitar (and a bass that was also stolen) back! Happy ending. Good for Chuck.

I had a couple of thoughts about this whole capade:

1. If you spend any time in the Civic Center area (like I do), you know EXACTLY who the Guy on Rollerblades is. He's a fixture in the CC, and can often be observed wheeling around tossing a football back and forth with some of his comrades. I figured he was just a drunk, but I guess he's also into stolen property.

Of course, there may be more than one guy who hangs around near 8th and Market and habitually gets around on rollerblades, but I doubt it.

2. If you have ever played music outside your home, the first thing you learn is never, ever leave anything in the car. Sadly, musicians get their gear stolen depressingly often. Chuck just got back from a world tour and then managed to get his shit stolen in his own town. That fucking sucks.

3. Fuck these guys. I'm glad Chuck got his gear back, but fuck them.

4. Chuck's playing at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. I saw him at the Makeout Room back around Christmas, and I can verify that he puts on a good show. If you happen to be going to HSB, check it out.


murphstahoe said...

Got to see the guitar back in action Tuesday in Healdsburg. Not worse for the wear.

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