Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dolores Park, last night, 6:40 pm

The Mission was buzzing last night when I went out for a walk. It was oddly muggy out but still nice. The wind was just starting to pick up. For a variety of reasons, I was feeling a little out of sorts yesterday and thought a walk might help. Here are the things I saw.

The usual crowd outside Delfina, waiting for a table.

Kids skateboarding on Valencia. They passed me right as I passed Dosa. They had the windows open there and it smelled heavenly.

Thought about stopping at Aquarius but it's too frustrating to stop there when you don't have any money on you.

Girl sitting on a fire hydrant smoking, 24th and Valencia, waiting for the 48, it looked like.

Usual crowd of old guys in front of Muddy's.

Came home, opened an Asahi, felt better.


periqueblend said...

ah the blog has entered phase 2: full-fledged navel gazing.

TK said...

Heh. Well, I'll be back to my normal misanthropy soon, I'm sure.

Rocco said...

yeah, introspective neighborhood walks and are nice and all, but moral here: booze solves everything.

Unknown said...

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