Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You did good (in at least one respect), California

It now appears that Proposition 16, the "Keep PG&E's Power Monopoly Intact Act," is going to lose. I'm obviously heartened, since Prop. 16 represented a venal, cynical use of the ballot initiative system by a huge corporation to protect its own interests at the expense of the citizenry, but I'm also kinda stunned, since PG&E spent $46 million, largely on those ubiquitous TV ads, and opponents spent, what, a buck-fifty?

It shows that, at least in this instance, California voters (OK, well, 22.5% of California voters) can smell the bullshit and figure out they're being lied to. So good job, 22.5% of California voters!

I'm sure in the coming weeks and months I'll have a lot more to say about the unfortunately-coiffed Meg Whitman and the Legalize It! ballot initiative and the Girls Gone Wild Senate Race, and even about why it is that the best nominee for governor that the Democratic Party can come up with is a guy who has already been governor 30 YEARS AGO. Is the Democratic Party in California really that out of options? But for now, let's just celebrate the fact that the right side won one race without spending any money, against a corporation that had over a billion dollars in profit last year. FUCK YOU, PG&E!!! (Please don't turn off my power.)

You know what California needs? Less Democratic Party, MORE DOMO-CRATIC PARTY!!!!


Holy shit, I don't know if Generic just made this himself or found it somewhere or if IT DESCENDED STRAIGHT FROM HEAVEN, but this is My New Favorite Thing in the World:

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amy.leblanc said...

my feminist instincts want me to be offended by that "Girls Gone Wild Senate Race" remark, but instead i laughed.