Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stream of consciousness during last night's Mumford and Sons show at Slim's

Man, maybe I'm getting too old for this shit. Why is Slim's always so fucking crowded? There's gotta be like 800 people in here. Oh, look, there's Aaron Axelsen. I've been seeing him at shows since like 1993. He has the exact same haircut he did then. Man, it is crowded in here. At least Miller bottles are four bucks.

Oh, here goes the opening act. They have a lot of people in this band! Who's that guy who looks like Charles Manson and is shaking a tree branch with finger cymbals tied to it? That must be some Australian thing. They sound like Animal Collective with all the juice sucked out. I bet the recordings sound better than the live show. "This guy in front of me is dancing like he's at Bible camp," The Wife says.

OK, they're done. NOW EVERYBODY RUSH THE BAR. Fuck, it is way too crowded in here. Why is this set break so long?

Looks like we're getting ready to start. Wow, the sound is really great! I wish the sound was this good at all the shows I go to. Good idea, playing one of the better-known songs near the beginning. Is it just me, or does the lead singer guy kinda look like Ricky Gervais? Maybe just from back here. Wow, people are really into it! They're singing along and everything! Pot smoke.
This is good! That's a lot of sound for four guys who don't even have a drummer. Oh, here comes the obligatory get-everybody-from-the-opening-act-back-on-stage part. There's the Manson stick shaker! I wonder if he gets extra-hassled at airport security. Now they're gone.

They're going longer than I expected. I guess I'll get another beer. This guy in the bathroom is telling this other guy that he's following Mumford and Sons on tour, that he was in Portland last night and is going to L.A. tomorrow. Wow, I wouldn't do that if it was my own band. That's some serious dedication.

Big finish! OK, encore. Very nice. Wow, it's almost midnight. Glad The Wife drove to the show.

Someone has to walk the dog when we get home.

[UPDATE: yuppie rag 7x7 was there last night too. Maybe that explains why the audience was whiter than a Tea Party rally.]

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Emils said...

yeah when i saw Whitest Boy Alive there in April I felt the same way - wtf?!