Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Fuck yeah.

UPDATE: FIFA is a jerk. Here's a link to the video of the goal, which you should watch 8 times in a row like I just did: It's on Huffington Post, for some reason.


Tamagosan said...

What a day to get on the USA bandwagon (having been violently thrown off the France bandwagon yesterday, for shame... for shame...). Passing by The Station in Glen Park this morning at JUST the Donovan Moment, I was so sorry to be trudging to work.

The image made me LOL.

mockduck said...

Happily, over here in Europe, there was no trudging off to work, as all the trudging had already been done. I was watching the England game with Brit friends in a beer garden and got to experience the shudder of dejection that rippled through the crowd when it became apparent that the U.S. had scored.

My favorite moment in that video is right at 0:27 when a random flunky coach guy in blue does an awesome double-fist clench right in front of the pile-up.

Great call, too.