Saturday, June 19, 2010

A semi-satirical imagined Rush Limbaugh rant

"And what about the handicapped? Riding around in those wheelchairs all day? LAZY-CAPPED is more like it. Hey, you big baby, get out of your damn chair and get a job! You don't see the rest of us wheeling around all day in our little motorized scooters! Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you go around and collect shopping carts that the fake homeless leave everywhere? You've already got a little scooter with a motor. Get a whole bunch of them and make a long train of them and motor them over to the grocery store. They'll probably give you a buck a cart or something.

"I am sick of these leeches lazing around a contributing nothing to society. Get out of your stupid wheelchair and work for a living, you loser. Why are my taxes supporting you? Why don't you support yourself for a change?"

"I'm hungry and I need to get married again. We'll be back after this message."

(In case you hadn't heard, this.)


citizen44-90218 said...

You won't see this in the news, but there are schools in the country that have surplus food that gets thrown away every year. The reasons and ramifications should be obvious to you. I guess even Rush is unaware of this, however for "max fisher (the guy from Rushmore?)" his expose' is about a year late on that Rush stuff. He must really be struggling for something to rant about.

the buti bag company said...

Found your blog on accident by looking for someone to clarify WHAT is wrong with Casey's voice from this season's bachelorette... I laughed so hard, I cried. You're HILARIOUS!!